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Name:Grell Sutcliffe
Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Name: Grell Sutcliffe

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

History link:

Age: Appears to be in his twenties, but is a lot older than that. In canon, he's seen going through shinigami training in the late 1700s, then he turns up in 1880s London, which would lead one to think he's at least one-hundred years old.

Canon point: Just after he's demoted and his death scythe is taken away and replaced with a pair of kid scissors

Personality: In his human-like mode, he comes across as a meek, slightly grovelling, incompetent sort, a bungler given to wacky fits of emoness and making absurd suicide attempts whenever he makes a terrible mess of things (not that these attempts 'take', of course). He's eager to please, but tends to fail absurdly and dramatically (likely due to not being the most familiar with human society and the way it works): at one point he eagerly trims the bushes in his lady-employer's garden, only to end up turning them into topiary skulls, which aren't entirely welcomed, and which prompts him to try hanging himself. He's also easily distracted by attractive faces (particularly male ones); this doesn't change much between this and ...

His shinigami mode. Here, his real personality comes out: he's flamboyant, confident and cocky, histrionic and theatrical but happy to be that way, unabashedly flirtatious toward males, sometimes downright pushy in offering his attentions. He's campy as a drag show and proud of it. His sense of humor can be somewhat bawdy and morbid, but gleefully so, more grinning reaper than grim reaper. But make no mistake, behind this campiness and this obfuscating wackiness, he's still a killer who takes great delight in ending the lives of the souls he's supposed to collect -- and his unauthorized victims. It's nothing personal: it's just how he is; most shinigami appear to approach the task with cool efficiency, but Grell, on the other hand, prefers to make a spectacle of it. This may be why he agreed to work with Madame Red, eventually becoming one half of the infamous killer known as Jack the Ripper; he apparently also agreed to it out of a fascination with the lady and her own murderous rampage. However, as soon as he discovered that she was really guided by a petty revenge, he turned against her and killed her, disappointed that his mistress wasn't as objective about it as he. Rather than being evil per se, he's more at the end of the amoral end of the morality spectrum; reapers in his world are neither good nor evil, and Grell is no exception: dangerous, yes, but in the way that a predatory animal is. He is capable of moments of compassion: later in the first season of the anime, during a fire of supernatural origins in London, Grell is seen worrying over a baby orphaned by the catastrophe.

And while most shinigami seem almost asexual, or at the least disinterested in romance or anything like it, Grell is nearly obsessed with the whole thing, often to the point of getting distracted by whatever handsome face happens to be in front of him (one wonders if he might not have been able to win his first face-off with Sebastian Michaelis if he hadn't been so busy flirting with his opponent). He's also not above remarking that someone or something is ugly or distasteful, which makes him sound a bit like a picky diva. If the object of his affection rebuffs him (which usually happens since he comes on so strong), he may initially pout and act flustered and disappointed, but it won't be long before he bounces back and tries again. Repeatedly. Until one is ready to smack him (and he does get punched in the face a lot, to his profound dismay) or give in just enough to get him off one's back. This usually satisfies him, though that's not to say he won't come around for seconds, as it were, later on.

Powers/Abilities: Physical Abilities: As long as he's got his death scythe, he's competent in a fight; without it, he's somewhat useless.

Superhuman Abilities: Shinigami abilities: strength and speed that are greater than a human's, also can withstand injuries that would normally kill a human. Oddly enough, sie needs to eat and sleep like a human, but unlike a human, sie doesn't breathe while sie's sleeping (which sometimes causes people to think sie's dead

He's also able to switch back and forth between a human-like mode, in which he can pass as a very ordinary, nebbish young man with drab brown hair.

Note on his Death Scythe: Despite the name, it's actually...a pair of red-handled safety scissors (Don't laugh, he's embarrassed by it). They're capable of cutting through most anything, but they're specifically meant to pierce a person's soul and body at the time of death, allowing the "cinematic record" (a kind of spirit film-strip of all the events of a person's life) to be played back so that he can inspect it and determine if a person is ready to pass into the next life or remain on earth.

Interests (10):

cinematic records, death scythes, flirting, flirting with sebastian, flirting with will, long swishy coats, looking fabulous, pretty men, red, red clothes
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